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We can help assist you on your road to recovery! 

Auto Accident Recovery Massage

Your insurance may pay for massages at no cost to you!
​Whether you've been in a car accident or know someone close to you who has, the journey to re-establish health can be a challenging one. Even if you don't have any pain immediately following the accident, you may find, days later, you're having frequent headaches or your range of motion has been constricted. These symptoms can also appear even if you were wearing your seatbelt or you considered the accident to be a minor one. In actuality, every accident has the potential to impact your health in a negative way.
We work directly with your auto insurance company so you won't have to. A referral from a doctor is required for auto related massage therapy treatment because an assessment of the injured person must be done in order to clear them for massage. Once done, all we need is a script from your doctor and a claim number from your insurance company. Then, give us a call and we will help get you started on the road to recovery.

​​Restoring your health after a car accident is essential, no matter how big or small the accident.


Injured on the job?
Massage therapy can help you recover.
You may qualify to receive massages at no cost to you!

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